Acting for a sustainable impact

Having an impact on the empowerment of the new generation of high potential African women can not be decreed.

Especially in a continent of 54 countries where inequalities in economic development, access to education and funding for millions of women, still persist.

That is why we have designed a completely new system, both global and local, digital and face-to-face, implemented by our international team, in collaboration with our network of ambassadors  and our partners.

Our global and collaborative platform is based on 5 pillars of action

We give ourselves the means to amplify our impact

Thus, each year, our specific programs involve more than 100 speakers, experts in their discipline, from the continent and around the world, who animate plenary sessions, masterclasses and share their ideas and their experiences.

We invite media representatives from all around the world to our events to communicate on the talents identified by our platform and the African women who are building Africa.

Because our partners are voluntarist companies, eager to get involved with us in a sustainable change, we propose them to support annual thematic projects.

In 2018, our Initiative has selected 4 key thematic projects for Africa and the world:

  • Trust & Talents Project
  • Education & Innovation
  • Culture Project
  • Entrepreneurs Project (with the wia philanthropy foundation)

Each thematic project is supported by our programs of reflection, training, communication, development of talents (leaders, high potential, and entrepreneurs) and relayed in our media.

We involve our partners in our annual projects via three main levers of action :

  1. Support awareness of the importance of women’s leadership and trust as a central focus of this leadership
  2. Involve and network your teams especially during the Annual Summit of Marrakech
  3. Relay the results obtained in our pure player, the WIA Mag.

Our Initiative is sustainable

Our impact will be measured as it grows: monitoring barometer of advocacy and reflection actions, press coverage of events and portraits of women, number of reachs, provision of MOOCS etc. It is essential for us to group together a set of indicators proving our impact and our legitimacy.