Today, Africa holds up to 65% of the world’s uncultivated arable land, but the continent’s shares in the gobal market for agricultural products is limited to 2%, and by 2025 imports could acheave 110 million dollars.

In parallel, the World Bank claims that the “agricultural economy employs 65% of Africa’s labour force and accounts for 35% of GDP”. Nevertheless, most of the population living in rural areas and working in the agricultural sector are facing an ever-rising poverty.

These figures show the lack of orientation so far given to the agricultural transformation of the continent but also demonstrate the under-exploitation of the various potentialities.

In addition, women’s position in the agricultural economy is all the more important because they often represent more than half of the agricultural workforce but do not have equitable access to productive resources.

For instance, in sub-Saharan Africa, 62% of women in this sector are significantly less productive than men, with differences from 4% to 25% across countries and crop growing.

In 2017, WIA gathered forty of its members and partners for a brainstorming session organized by Deloitte. The idea-gathering session was on best practices and solutions to promote the role of women in the agricultural sector.

Three experts partook in the debates:
Sarah MULWA, Director of Human resources at Kickstart Kenya
Jihane A JIJTI, Head of Projects and Development, OCP SA, Morocco
Riad BALAGHI, Head of Agronomy, National Institute of Agronomic Research


Lack of women’s inclusion in the agricultural economy

  • Access to agricultural knowledge for a sustainable development 
  • Access to Funding
  • Market access at fair prices 


  • Consolidate women’s groups in order to give them access to agricultural knowledge, funding and markets through both digital and practical solutions.
  • Building up on the existingnetworks
  • Implementing practical targets


  • April-June 2019 : preliminary step: invitation of women’s cooperatives representatives + godmothers and partners
  • June 25th-26th : 2-day seminar to define the ways to gather women’s networks and organize the program
  • Sept 2019Launch program on the WIA web platform : online workshops and trade of best practices.


WIA Ambassador in Kenya
CEO Pan African Agribusiness
& Agroindustry Consortium

Khaled IGUE
WIA Council Member
Founder, club 2030 Afrique

WIA Ambassador in Morocco