Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Who created Women in Africa (WIA) Initiative?
Our initiative was officially launched in 2017, under the impetus of Aude de Thuin, a serial entrepreneur committed to the cause of women for twenty years worldwide, alongside with our WIA Council, and our network of Ambassadors.

What is Women in Africa (WIA) Initiative?
We are a global initiative with no equivalent that supports, accompanies and promotes the new generation of African women who are creating inspiring leadership models to positively change the future of the continent.

Why do you support African women?
The future of the African continent is one of the main global issues of the century. We are convinced that African women are accelerating the necessary changes, present and future, in their countries, in their regions and at the Pan-African level. As the central element of the development of African economies, women will positively change the future of the continent, especially through digital.

What is WIA Philanthropy?
A foundation, aimed at high potential entrepreneurs, currently chaired by Marine Liboz Thomas, which supports African women entrepreneurship. Each year, its WIA Entrepreneurs’ Club accompanies a delegation of laureates selected by an international jury, in collaboration with our partner Roland Berger and with the support of Société Générale.

What is WIA Link?
A digital interconnected platform with an application for all devices (smartphone, tablets, computers). Its vocation: to become a professional social network of African and international women.

What does WIA mean?
It is the acronym for Women In Africa.

Are you a forum for Women?
No. We are a global and unprecedented initiative, both digital and « face-to-face » created for the new generation of African women. Our platform and its five pillars of action (WIA Club, WIA Entrepreneurs’ Club, WIA Institute, WIA HR and WIA Media) aim to reveal the potential of African women and interconnect them at all levels of civil society and state responsibilities, serving both an innovative and inclusive Africa.

Who are you financed by?
We are financed by private partners, with the exception of the foundation WIA Philanthropy, financed by patrons.

Where does the Women in Africa (WIA) Initiative team work?
Currently, we have offices in Dakar (Senegal), Casablanca (Morocco) and Paris (France). We will open Lagos soon. Our international team is spread according to skills and needs in these three entities

Why become a member of the WIA Club?
Becoming a member of the 1st professional network of African women (WIA Link) allows to participate throughout the year in meetings across the African continent but also in Europe, Asia and the United States, in the presence of Pan-African and international experts but also influential figures and to access ultra-qualified and useful information

How to become a member of the WIA Club?
Please contact our dedicated team here

How much does a year cost as a member of the WIA Club?
We have designed a fee schedule to suit everyone’s needs. For more details please contact our dedicated team: here

What is a WIA Ambassador?
Each of our ambassadors are women entrepreneurs or professionals highly qualified in their sector, in Africa and around the world. During the year, they volunteer to decline our missions and to amplify our impact.

How to become a WIA Ambassador?
For more information on their role and to apply, please contact here

Why become a partner of Women in Africa (WIA) Initiative?
To facilitate business opportunities, think and innovate with the leaders of the African continent, in face-to-face or through the digital platform (WIA Link); to integrate an interconnected community throughout the year; to discover new concepts, to be focus on one or more key themes of the economic development of the African continent; to assess the values of your company’s commitment; to benefit from our Media coverage and demonstrate your involvement in Africa; to support the entrepreneurial initiatives of high potential African women. For more information, please contact Partnerships Executive: here