Our Mission

Gender inequality costs Africa $ 95 billion a year that, so that’s 6 percent of the continent's GDP.

They hinder the development of new essential economic models for African countries to integrate into globalization.

That’s why we are committed to the next generation of leading and high-potential African women, to support women’s entrepreneurship in Africa.

Our main missions :

  • Women networking
  • Boost their visibility within the continent and internationally
  • Accompanying them in the development of their skills
  • Detect new talents and actors who are making changes on the continent
  • To encourage international and pan-african enterprises to identify and integrate women as managers or as boards members
  • Facilitating the intergenerational transmission of skills and experiences
  • Produce and broadcast qualified content on the theme Women – Africa – Business

Our digital and collaborative platform of content sharing and network is a unique initiative of its kind.

Associated with our specific face-to-face programs, it offers its members a continental and international gateway between leaders, economy and entrepreneurs.

On a daily basis, our actions are faithful to three fundamental values for us: trust, commitment and involvement.

2017 – 1st Year

We mobilized the community

We organized our first annual World Summit in Marrakech in September 2017. This first event enabled great african leaders, international women and the new generation of high-potential African women to meet.

2018 – 2nd Year

We interconnect our community

We are taking a decisive step this year by interconnecting decision-makers and investors in Africa with the rest of the world.

To guarantee our impact:

  • We are launching WIA Link, the first professional social network for African and international women
  • We are organizing a media resonance of our actions with the creation of our WIA Media, 100 % pure player, and a second world annual summit in marrakech (27-29 September 2018)
  • We are deploying our meetings on the continent with a regional summit west africa in dakar on April 12 and local meetings

2019 and beyond

In 3rd year and in the long term, our goal is to deploy our global platform, to echo our actions and our community and to measure our impact.