Our Identity

Our global initiative is the first innovative digital platform dedicated to the economic development and support of leading and high potential African women.

We catalyze ideas, energies and means of action. We reveal and support talents. We publish inspiring and useful content on the following theme : Women – Africa – Business.

In order to turn good intentions into concrete realities, our platform and community act every day to unleash the potential and promote the new generation of African women who want to make an impact on the world.

With our platform, you integrate the first international network of personalities and expertise for the empowerment of women in the 54 African countries.

You will have access to programs of reflection, training, communication to develop your business in interaction with influencial women and who are in the process of positively transforming the continent.

We are a digital platform because Africa is an extremely connected continent where women have, for years, been seizing digital technology to conquer their independence and develop their business.

We are also an initiative that organizes face-to-face meetings throughout the year because we are convinced that in an increasingly dematerialized world, the human remains the cardinal value of effective action.

« Global Leaders Committed together »

Our signature embodies the full scope of our Global Initiative

We involve all stakeholders who are influential and sensitive to Africa’s key issues (energy, health, water, technology, education, agriculture …) in order to match their approaches to the economic potential and social influence generated by the integration of women into new growth models.