Our Vision

In Africa, all contemporary challenges are telescoping

In this regard, the future of the continent is one of the major global issues of the century.

We are convinced that African women are accelerating the present and futur necessary changes, in their countries, in their regions and at the Pan-African level.

Why are we affirming that?

Africa stands out as the first continent of women’s entrepreneurship. Today, 27 % of women create a business – that is to say the highest rate globally.

When African women undertake and gain access to positions of responsibility, they invent a new inspiring and supportive leadership, at the crossroads of all existing models, which reconciles ambition and sharing.

At a country level, African women in political positions promote less corruptible, more sustainable and equitable development of society.

Central engine of African economies, women will positively change the future of the continent, especially through digital.

This is why our platform places them at the heart of attention and action to guarantee their impact in the service of an innovative and inclusive Africa rooted in its era.

The African Man of the Year: a new prize to accelerate African women's empowerment

In a world where the issue of gender is no longer simply a women’s issue but a fundamental human rights issue, our Global Initiative also supports the work of the new generation of African men who contribute parity, at all levels of responsibility of civil society and states.

The proof: we created for them a unique award, the African Man Of The Year Award!