Our goal

Through our innovative programmes on the continent, we wish to demonstrate that women’s leadership contributes to increased corporate performance.

This annual prize rewards the outstanding commitment of African men who promote and encourage women in the continent’s socio-economic landscape.

Our method

Three main criteria outline this prize:

  • Being African
    The nominees are male, with African citizenship, holding leadership positions within the public and/or private field in at least one African country.
  • Being a man invested in parity and equality
    • The nominee is or has been leading a corporation presenting and promising, within its governing bodies, a high quota of female participation.
    • Within his corporation, he has initiated positive discrimination programmes or fostered the regulatory framework’s strengthening in this area to empower women at work.
    • He has launched or helped in the promotion of initiatives to encourage women’s empowerment within his community – with training programmes aiming to develop women’s careers and career-relevant skills – and/or fostered a public food for thought on the subject.
  • Being an influential man in his ecosystem
    • He broadcasts, passes on and raises awareness of gender and parity through awareness actions fostered by himself or his corporation, and/or supports influential actors on the subject.
    • Through his reputation, he promotes women’s access to internal and external professional think tanks and networks, particularly with the help of communications strategy and devoted lobby (i.e. media, social networks).

More information

In order to complete this program, we worked closely with partners on the African continent

AMOYA Laureates

Younès El Mechrafi African Man Of The Year 2019
Morocco, Director General of MDJS (Moroccan Games and Sports)

Badreddine Ouali African Man Of The Year 2018
Tunis, CEO of Vermeg (Finance and Insurance)