Our goal

Our interactive program is a true participative innovation for our members and participants and aims to identify future directions and content about precise topics and major concern for Africa.

Our ambition: to be the first giant brainstorming ever created in an international conference with restitution in advocacy.

Our method

Each giant brainstorming (200 people) involves the largest number of people who share our values. It involves experts and specialized speakers, able to stimulate research by bringing their ideas and solutions.

Each brainstorming organized at our Regional Summits is completed by a digital brainstorming session for an even more participative, constructive and international approach that fits in the long term.

A hundred of concrete ideas are presented at the Annual Summit in Marrakech in order to constitute a real advocacy on the two subjects of the year presented in Regional Summits: entrepreneurship and finance.

More information

Our giant brainstormings are led by professionals from Kaos company.

The first was organized in our West Africa Regional Summit in Dakar on April 12, 2018

photo credit: Rémi Schapman