LABS (Collaborative think tanks)

Our goal

Mobilise collective intelligence for a better representation of women in the African economy.

Our method

Our Labs are dedicated to a key topic for Africa.

Pan-African and internationals expert host each lab.
The moderator is a personality professionally involved in the topic of the Lab.

Participants are members of the WIA CLUB and want to share their experience, suggest new solutions and support the change. They are also worldwide experts invited to talk about the topic.

The Labs are updated throughout the year with our regional meetings to allow a thinking process and to propose concrete actions on these specific topics.

More information

  • This program is produced in collaboration with Deloitte.
  • In 2017, 6 Labs were realized during the 1st annual world summit of Marrakech : Energy, Water, Nutrition, Agriculture, Finance and Entrepreneurship.
  • In 2018, we are developing this dynamic by adding 8 other themes: Smart Cities, Transport, Infrastructure, Health, Sport, Culture, New Technologies, Social Innovation.