Our goal

The cultural and creative industries could – and will – play an important role in diversifying African economies and highlighting African talents. Through this program, we wish to promote artistic projects that express the impact of women on the cultural and creative industries of the continent.

Our method

We select artists and innovative projects in the sector of culture and creation (mode, arts, digital) that enrich the tremendous cultural diversity of the continent.

Here is how we decline this program for the year:

  • Lab culture: during this session, a selection of recognized experts in the field of culture thinks of concrete solutions to develop the creative and cultural industries on the continent.
  • Focus countries: during our local meetings, we bring together economic actors and local cultural industries to study together with country-specific characteristics, challenges and co-create a local roadmap for the coming years in the cultural sector.
  • An exceptional evening: at our Annual World Summit in Marrakech, we welcome emerging African talents and worldwide recognized artists who have come specifically to present their art and contribute to discussions with Summit participants.

More information

Lab Culture are created with Deloitte company.