Kirsten Hein – specialized in organizational and human development

Born and raised in Peru, Kirsten Hein had to leave the country 30 years ago for political reasons and that was how her journey started. She has since worked in 8 different countries before settling in Germany. Today, she’s a proud mother and a passionate entrepreneur.

She created a small company specialized in organizational and human development 20 years ago. Companies usually get in touch with her when they fail to solve a problem. Every service is customized to best suit the clients’ needs.

They were the pioneers in proposing true diverse programs for female professional that are tied to the business strategies of their companies. They also do international sales and leadership programs.

Why did you become a member of Women in Africa?

Since the beginning of my career, I made it a conscious point to do business in a way I can support other businesses and issues that do not get that much attention nor funding.

I first invested in Asia, then Latin America and last year I decided to focus on Africa.

I Like the way WIA sets up things and how they present their women. For me it is a maxim to use my privilege and take the responsibility to give and share in a smart way. It is not just about donating but contributing to true development.

What has WIA brought to you so far?

I was unfortunately not able to join the first Annual Summit. So far, it has not brought anything since I have not given anything either. I am supporting from far until I can free my schedule to attend events.

What are the specificities of WIA / its strengths?

I’ll say good diversity with different personalities, women and men. WIA covers a full range from politics, economics to social issues. It offers a good discussion platform for it all.

3 adjectives/ words to best define WIA


Hope, Collaboration, Courage.

What do you really expect from WIA Initiative (events, WIA Mag content, WIA Link application, training, coaching, etc.) in the coming years?

Firstly, what can I give to you with my experience?Secondly, I expect WIA to be a really serious and profound platform where people mean what they say and commit to it. To work together in a collective spirit to collect information on how to help Africa find its unique way of sustainable development. I want WIA to challenge a true dialogue and set a task force where anyone can join and contribute to.

Would you be interested in becoming a mentor for young entrepreneurs?

Of course! My company also does training programs for mentors. This is also something I can offer.