Naike Moshi – a passport to employment – Tanzania
  • Naike Moshi has more than 10 years’ experience in the area of business management, Entrepreneurship and Talent Acquisition. Her expertise includes start-up experience, innovation, executive search and placements. Prior to starting Innovatech, Naike has travelled extensively all over the world, residing in the United States for 7 years and working for and with some prestigious companies like CareMark, Roni Deutch Tax Center and UNESCO for more than 5 years. She has coached and mentored Entrepreneurs for the YALI Regional Leadership Center , Unreasonable East Africa and African Entrepreneurship Awards recipients. This has resulted to foster development and growth of mentees business ventures.
  • Her mission and passion at work is to build talent organizations and facilitating the realization of excellence in people and organizations. She believes so much on personal development as catalyst for income growth for youths and women. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) and dual degree in Human Resource Management & Business Admin from Tennessee Weslyan College. She was awarded and inducted into several honor societies, including “The National Dean List, Who is Who Among Junior College, All USA Academic team and African-American Excellence Award. Recently, she won an Award for the “The most profitable business during “Women Creating Wealth Program by Graca Machel Trust. She is currently the Country Director and Franchise Owner of CVPEOPLE Africa where she started the Recruitment agency with a shoe- string budget with NO Clients, NO Candidates , NO Contacts to more than 600% sales growth in 2015 to 51,000 job seekers registrations within less than 2 years.
  • CVPeople Tanzania operation recently received an award from African Employer Brands Awards and Global HR Excellence Awards for Innovation in Recruitment. She is the recipient of “Top 100 Global HR Minds” She is currently working with Youths solving Unemployment issues on her project “Passport to Employment” where she will build Career Centers into different Universities in Tanzania, provide Capacity Building on work readiness and Employability and placing youths to different Employers in Tanzania. She is passionate on Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and currently working on “Future Skills Project” which will help Tanzanians to prepare for, get and keep jobs as innovation and technology continue to place new demands on workers’ skills and training.

  • Your commitment to African women

CVPeople Africa’s Tanzania Initiative to promote gender parity and encourage female participation in the labor force by honoring Professional Women in their Careers. Professionals and motivate more women to take leadership roles in the workplace.

The main Objectives of this Initiative for Women Professionals is to enhance the importance of actively involving Women in Senior Level roles and their challenges through their representative organizations.

Why did you become a member of Women in Africa?

“To learn and share experiences and network with other African Women in Africa”.

What has WIA brought to you so far?

  • “Just knowledge on what is happening during the Annual Meeting”.

What are the specificities of WIA / its strengths?

  • “Strong network of women all over the world, its training classes”.

3 adjectives/ words to best define WIA


“Learning Opportunity, Networking”.

What do you really expect from WIA Initiative (events, WIA Mag content, WIA Link application, training, coaching, etc.) in the coming years?

  • “More Master Classes (training), coaching and honoring women members”.
Would you be interested in becoming a mentor for young entrepreneurs?

“Yes,  i would like to become a mentor as I have done this in the past.”