Our Goal

Training is a major axis of the economic growth of women. With this in mind, WIA has set up WIA Masterclasses to bring practical insights to, and empower, the WIA community.

Our method

During the masterclasses, exchanges and sharing of know-how offer African women with high potential concrete methods and skills to help them strengthen their skills: business development, access to networks, business creation, etc.

Our sessions

Masterclass are animated by pan-african and international experts and will create synergies, knowledge and business. The WIA masterclasses take the form of participatory workshops lasting one to two hours depending on the themes. experts are personalities recognized in the field of intervention. They share their knowledge, express their personal recommendations, provide tools and methods.

WIA is also currently working at implementing Masterclasses all year long, in various African areas, with our partners and mecenes. Stay tuned, we will tell you more very soon !

Crédit photo : Rémi Schapman

2018 Masterclass

Raising funds in Africa : challenges And solutions 

  • Main issues and challenges that arise in relation to raising finance for projects / businesses in africa
  • how to manage these issues  
  • international investors and lenders expectations when providing capital or funds for projects

The importance of women’s networks

Gender diversity within companies and importance of women’s networks, which represent real levers for women’s careers, and a strong growth levers for companies. Indeed, strong networks allow women to grow, to be proactive and to strategically develop their career, especially in the scientific and technological sectors, where they remain under-represented.

External networking initiatives and companies’ efforts to help women in their development and strengthen their role in society.


    Diversity in the Board. How to act?

    The question of mix of boards directors may seem superficial in view of the extent of inequalities in rights observed in some african countries – yet it is a key to the evolution of gender equality…

    • how to work on its strategy, how to train women in governance, legal and financial issues, risks… how to support them!
    • Public Policies: Quotas, transparency, incentives (fr), Voluntary Place Code (UK), individual Business Policies.
    • Be proactive! having an assumed posture and developing a network strategy.

      Public speaking: have impact in 1 minute

      Raodath Aminou tackles the important themes to master when we speak in front of an audience : 

      • do’s and dont’: posture and attitude
      • how to structure your message
      • how to get your message across
      • how to apply the method “on stage”


          Build an epic career in Africa 

          Working on africa-related projects is probably one of the most powerful leverage you could give to your career, besides your education. More and more professionals are now looking for opportunities to work in the continent. Candace will show you the simple 4-steps personal branding strategy you need to build up your profile and become a sought-after professional in your field of interest.

          To sell and to invest through the routes of Africa : legal stakes 

          African continent has been, is and will be the great crossroad of the business.
          Selling and investing in Africa is no longer an option for the companies that want to ensure their development and sustainability.
          The legal stakes of your commercial and trade relations, your investments, your business set up, as well as the international mobility of your employees.


          Nneka Wood

          Counsel in the energy, Infrastructure, Project and Asset Finance group of White&Case, based in the UAE.

          Chinekwu N.Duru

          Senior vice President & Principal Counsel with the Africa Finance Corporation

           Candace Nkoth Bisseck

          Co-founder of Black roses network, international socioprofessional network

           Catherine Ladousse

          Executive director of Communications at Lenovo. Co-founder & President of the association Cercle Interelles


           Raodath Aminou

          Founder of Optimiam


          Mercedes Erra

          Executive President of Havas Worldwide (formerly euro rSCg Worldwide), Co-Founder of BetC, and Managing director of Havas


          Viviane de Beaufort 

          Professor at ESSEC Business School, doctor in european Law, Jean Monnet Chair. director of Cede (european Center for Law and economics).


          Lubomir Roglev

          Attorney, director department Africa DS Avocats

           Meriem Bouzlitane

          Regional Marketing Manager at Lenovo



          Hélène Bonacorsi

          Global Account Manager at Lenovo

          Lamiae Belgarch

          Secretary of the Supervisory Board of Société Générale, Member of the association Mentor’elle


          Anthonia Ohok

          Director in the Project & export Finance team at Standard Chartered