WIA Institute

Reliable data to understand and to act

We know that high potential and leading women, entrepreneurs but also investors and patrons need reliable data, updated on the theme Women – Africa – Business, because to have an impact means always acting on the basis of qualified information.

Our WIA Institute is a study and research center, and a space to think, free from any partisan logic.

Our organization is funded by private partners.

Its first objective is to contribute to the production and sharing of knowledge around gender issues, and to develop concrete proposals for the effective inclusion of women in socio-economic areas in Africa.

In order to be closer to the realities of the continent, our WIA Institute is based in Dakar.

Our 3 main lines of action to guarantee your impact:

  • Provide studies
    • Our WIA Institute is a catalyst for studies on topics related to the economy and women in Africa,
    • It proposes synthetic digest notes on the major issues of Women-Africa-Economy,
    • Every year, it produces studies on the impact of women’s participation in the transformation, the structuring and the consolidation of African economies,
    • It develops proposals and recommendations that are encouraging new course of action for the inclusion of women in key sectors concerning the continent’s development.
  • Create a space to think and exchange
    • We facilitate dialogue and collaboration between experts / researchers and economic and political decision-makers;
    • We organize meetings and conferences to encourage the synergy of expert in different fields.
  • Communicate
    • We publish and put online studies and fact sheets accessible to all;
    • We popularize the work of the WIA Institute through our WIA Media, our social networks and our press partnerships.