“Women Entrepreneurs in Africa: How to Leverage?”

Women In Africa (WIA) Initiative organizes its first West Africa Regional Summit in Dakar on April 12, 2018.

“Women Entrepreneurs in Africa: How to Leverage?” It is on this strategic theme for the future of the continent that this first regional summit was structured. The choice of Dakar has become imperative as Senegal currently embodies the dynamism of women’s entrepreneurship..

The School of Sands: a strong symbol

The event takes place at the School of Sands, a beautiful and unusual site founded by Senegalese-Beninese choreographer Germaine Acogny. A symbolic choice which is a source of inspiration for all artists and women entrepreneurs as it reflects her atypical entrepreneurial experience. Thanks to her determination, the School of Sands is today a school of theoretical and practical education, a research laboratory and a place for meetings and exchanges, conferences and artistic residencies.

Support of the new generation of women entrepreneurs

African women firmly display their ambitions. Global and visionary, they boil with ideas and never hesitate to express them. They are gradually conquering all sectors of activity, including those traditionally reserved for men.
But while today the African continent has the highest rate of female entrepreneurship in the world (27%), the bankruptcy rate is also among the highest (source: GEM women entrepreneurship report 2017). The new generation of African women therefore needs more than ever to be accompanied and networked to express its tremendous potential for an innovative and inclusive Africa.
“It is in response to these imperatives that the Women In Africa (WIA) Initiative is positioning itself as both an innovative digital platform dedicated to the economic development and support for the new generation of African women, and the first network of personalities and expertise for the empowerment of women in the 54 African countries” explains Aude de Thuin, the founder and President of the Initiative.

Support local economies

Beside the entrepreneurs since 1864, Societe Generale Group supports its clients around the world, taking part in the positive transformations of companies and economies. A continent with great potential, Africa is at the heart of the Bank’s priorities. By supporting the development of local economies for more than 100 years, Societe Generale has become the preferred partner of 3.5 million customers, including 150,000 companies in nearly 20 African countries. Convinced that women play a fundamental role in the dynamism of the continent’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, Societe Generale is working alongside WIA Initiative to support these entrepreneurs who are building the future and shaping the Africa of tomorrow.

“The energy of Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem makes it a continent in full revolution. In Africa, women are undeniably the leading actors in local economic development. Rather than waiting to land a job, they create their own jobs. The entrepreneurial path remains none the less that of the fighter for them. By collaborating with the WIA Foundation, we, Societe Generale, are proud to commit ourselves to these women entrepreneurs who are shaping the Africa of tomorrow.” Explains Alexandre Maymat, Head of Africa, Mediterranean and overseas region, in international retail banking.