HH Sheikha Intisar AlSabah & WIA

How does Intisar Foundation contribute to African development and particularly to women empowerment?

Our unique President and Chairwoman HH Sheikha Intisar AlSabah aim for an unwavering determination to make a better and peaceful society to all. Which makes her the perfect supporter of women and young people focusing on positive psychology and empowering war-affected women through the use of Drama Therapy.

What are the reasons for your engagement with Women In Africa ?

Intisar Foundation, is on an edge of building up connections and contacts to better establish a positive environment of peace and trauma recovery to all women affected by war or any Arab woman in the world. HH Sheikha’s passion is to help women find their own strengths and fall in love with themselves initially. Starting with women as they are the key pillars of society, she aspires for a better life for all. HH Sheikha Intisar supports women to be heard and seen through vocal and visual expression of their stories and knows that the empowerment of women through increasing their internal strength and their gaining of greater self-worth will bring Peace in the Arab world.

Concluding to the experience we gained while attending the Women in Africa summit was of huge success to us as a foundation to bond and communicate with others as part of it.

As a woman who is always inspired by other empowered women, and as a woman who is working on empowering women in the Arab world, being invited to attend the Women in African Summit was a way for me to meet with others in a new continent. It was a beautiful discovery for me, I was impressed by how these inspiring women in Africa work and how they are really empowered. African women are known to be very strong. I had a chance to discuss with many of them, to see if there are synergies and possible ways of collaboration to build bridges between the continent and the Arab World. I was honored to be in their presence and I was inspired by many of them. They are magnificent.I also had the opportunity to talk about the different initiatives I am developing for Kuwait, my beloved country and in the Arab World:

For Kuwait, with Bareec, the first initiative of its kind that offers a positive psychology curriculum in Kuwaiti public schools. So far, more than 11300 students are benefiting from our program.

For women affected by war and victims of domestic violence in the Middle East through Intisar Foundation, the first humanitarian initiative of this kind in the Arab World using drama therapy to heal trauma. Women In Africa Summit was a great opportunity for me to exchange with all the participants about all these different topics. I believe that education and empowerment (by all its forms) are the keys to make our world better. Hence, we are all working in a way or another towards this powerful initiative.

I would like to thank Mrs. Aude Thuin for inviting me and launching such a beautiful initiative. I would like to also thank Mrs. Afsat Abiola President of WIA and for welcoming me warmly.

What has stayed with you from WIA Summit experience? In other words, if you could send a message to send to the women transforming the continent and who are the future of Africa what would it be?

Many things stayed with me. The first being how vibrant African women are, their love for life and other women. Everyone there was so kind, loving and encouraging. It was an amazing feeling to be surrounded by these women. There was something in the air thanks to these women who made everything possible and made me feel at home in a new place. What really stayed with me is how bigger than life African women are, and how they allow you to be bigger than life.