Meridiam & WIA

What are the reasons for your engagement with Women In Africa ?

Women In Africa (WIA) is an important platform for bringing together women who contribute through their daily commitments and actions to the economic development of the continent, in promising and growing sectors. For Meridiam, this meeting was an additional opportunity to meet these personalities who bring out initiatives and share experiences and future projects. It was also an opportunity to promote the AIFP initiative (African Infrastructure Fellowship Program) whose objective is to train African public sector executives in the support and management of infrastructure projects. One of the values of this program being the parity of fellows, WIA is an interesting promoter for us.


What has stayed with you from WIA Summit experience?

This summit is not only a powerful economic forum, but also a great opportunity for women of all ages and different categories to share, imagine projects and initiatives and encourage each other.


How does Meridiam contribute to African development and particularly to women empowerment?

Our contribution to the development and evolution of the African continent is measured by the projects and initiatives we implement on the ground. Meridiam launched a development platform dedicated to Africa in 2016.

Today, in 3 years, we are supporting 15 projects worth more than 3 billion euros on the continent. Essential infrastructures in favor of energy transition (the first solar power plants in Senegal, decentralized solar platforms in Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Ghana, the largest large-scale geothermal project in Ethiopia or the largest biomass plant in West Africa in Ivory Coast) and the mobility of goods and people (the first PPP project in Madagascar for the modernization of the country’s main airport, the ports of Owendo in Gabon and Nouakchott in Mauritania or one of Kenya’s most important highways).

Our actions within the framework of the AIFP are another example of our commitment on the ground, in particular to the empowerment of women and women’s leadership within the framework of Empow’her, for example.



If you could send a message to send to the women transforming the continent and who are the future of Africa what would it be ?

The African continent abounds in extraordinary women who lead with courage, dynamism and great willingness concrete and essential projects for the development of the continent. These women are an example for all. Everyone should be inspired by them. Our commitment at their side is strong, but we still wish to make it more impactful and powerful in the coming years.