Orange & WIA

Why are your reasons for contributing to Women In Africa?

Orange, as an operator company, has access to a wider array of services which are essential for startups. We know that a lot of startups our birth out of this kind of new economy, an economy based on the internet. They are also born out of the capacity to offer, through new circuits of distribution, these new networks to find new customers and have new markets. It’s also logical that an operator, which has had the first role of transporting data, would be the one to gather different populations together to create connections and enable contact in the interest to accompany those, based on the content they produce, to allow for a new economy to emerge.  

What did you take away from the Annual WIA Summit?

The summit highlighted women entrepreneurs, their commitment, their determination, their work, and what they contribute to society. An energy, a collective, and a desire shared by all…

In what ways does Orange contribute to the development of the African continent, in particular how does it contribute to the empowerment of its women?

Orange has been in full support of Women In Africa since its very first summit, because it is an initiative and forum in which African women express themselves.

What message would you like to send to women who are transforming the continent and are the future of Africa?

The first thing is that they should not be isolated, they should make use of the many structures available that support initiatives of women entrepreneurs, but also structures that support the development and growth of new startups. In this economy of sharing, it is important to accompany one’s project, by taking advice to support her project, but also to be surrounded with good council, and to have a posse of women entrepreneurs. Those women can can show her the way, warn her about the traps she should be aware of and and be prepared for the biases she may face.

My second message is to develop partnerships quickly, bearing in mind that Orange is not the only company available for partnership. There are a number of partnerships available to take advantage of. Partnerships allow for one to receive wise council on how to assemble a project in an economy. When success starts to occur, pay close attention! The battle is not won. It is at this moment that there is more at stake to have “accelerators”. So it is essential, from the very start of the process to its end, to be assisted in one’s projects.

I see a lot of great entrepreneurs, who are very determined, but also don’t have an adequate amount of sound judgement. Unfortunately, there are many individuals who have amazing projects who have invested an incredible amount of energy and all of a sudden find themselves weakened by a situation they did not prepare for.

It is important to be accompanied and take heed to good council.