WIA Link : the first professional social network for African and international women

You were dreaming of it? Women In Africa (WIA) Initiative has designed it for you! WIA Link is a unique digital platform of exchange,  dedicated to the members of the Women In Africa (WIA) Initiative community.

To Interconnect in order to have a significant impact

The objective of WIA Link is to enable African and international women to interconnect and facilitate their exchanges on the continent and internationally. As a true social network and exclusive club, this digital platform responds to a demand shared by all these women involved in the transformation of the continent: to solve together the problems they have encountered and to pass on good practices and knowledge.

Developing strong links and creating synergies

“WIA Link generates a sense of belonging and will create synergies between women entrepreneurs nationally and across the continent,” said Marine Liboz Thomas, Executive Director of WIA Initiative and President of WIA Philanthropy (the foundation).
Available in September 2018