WIA Philanthropy

Africa is a beacon for the world in terms of women entrepreneurship

A truth which is, to this day, overlooked around the globe and sometimes the continent itself.

To make an impact, one must support the entrepreneurial endeavors of ambitious, committed and resolute African women who are bringing about a new kind of leadership and innovative business practices.

That’s why the WIA Philanthropy Foundation has created the WIA Entrepreneurs Club for high potential African women entrepreneurs who are building the Africa of tomorrow.

WIA Philanthropy fulfills the common good by promoting the dissemination of education in the field of economic development, with a focus on training innovative women entrepreneurs.

A boost for women entrepreneurs who are changing Africa

An annual promotion

A call for application is launched each year, in collaboration with Roland Berger, to select women entrepreneurs from 500 institutions. An international jury rewards the most innovative projects, all of them pioneers already successful in their field.

 3 priority areas for action


WIA Philanthropy’s annual promotion will be revealed and boosted by our Foundation.

In order to truly influence their entrepreneurial journey, we have implemented a comprehensive system structured around 3 areas of action.

  • Networking
    • The winners are invited to participate in our main highlights of the year.
    • They get free access to our digital WIA Link platform, an extensive digital service emphasizing interaction within the community, strengthening the bond between countries and entrepreneurs alike.
    • We provide them with elite networking
  • Visibility
    • The promotion of the year enjoys international outreach through the  WIA Revelations night, an exceptional evening held during our Annual world Summit in Marrakech
    • WIA Media system (WIA Mag and press partnerships) conducts extensive interviews with the award-winners  to guarantee a unique media exposure.
  • coaching
    • Award-winners undertake a coaching program prior to the annual summit
    • in 2019, we will open a dedicated training platform for them to follow thematic MOOCs (public speaking, sales pitch, identifying business opportunities, etc.)
    • Each entrepreneur will be offered mentoring by an experienced industry leader
    • We are also developing skills sponsoring scholarships so that entrepreneurs may benefit from the expertise of top executives within our community

In 2017, WIA Philanthropy awarded 16 winners

In 2018, WIA Philanthropy awarded 54 winners

In 2018, we rolled-out WIA Philanthropy across the continent by putting together the first delegation of women entrepreneurs from the 54 African countries.

With a resonance both in Africa and around the world, “Project 54” is an additional step aimed at broadening support for African women entrepreneur’s empowerment.