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Aspire is an enterprise dedicated to ending violence against women. We provide sexual harassment and abuse prevention training programme services, as well as support resources to abused women and to their children.

DIGITAL & TECHNOLOGY with gfi support



           Alsoug is Sudan’s largest online classified website which aims at bringing transparency and efficiency to the way Africans transact with each other. Alsoug uses the power of the internet to empower everyone to buy, sell or rent anything, and to hire people or find a job. 

Luana Karen Andriamamonjy


Proud Geek provides computer engineering and digital consulting tailored to the clients’ needs.




         Ayiam is a kind of internet cafe that offers basic food and computer products in cities where such access is rare and complex.


Karelle Vignon-Vullierme


         Les Gourmandises de Karelle is a digital startup specialized in culinary creation.

Fanta Bernah de Font-Reaulx


Adwowi (Advertise worldwide) is a collaborative web platform connecting advertisers and owners of advertising screens around the world. It is also a free advertising exchange sign for the owners of advertising screens through its integrated social network.


Dikel Fofana


Goomfund provides a crowdfunding platform to entrepreneurs and give people the opportunity to raise funds via SMS.


Mansata Kurang


VR REVIVAL is an interactive and personalised platform for an uplifting social experience for dementia sufferers using a virtual reality app and headset – reliving memories, and generally increasing mood and happiness.

AGRICULTURE with Stop Hunger support

Eneotse Unoogwu  LAURÉATE!


Farmbizz Enterprises is a post-harvest management system that uses renewable energies to power an off-grid cold chain. This addresses the problem of losses and offers quality food through the system ‘farm-to-table food’: food from the farm directly delivered to your plates. This system is especially beneficial to small and micro-marketers, and especially to women.

Meryam El Ouafi


                                                           GEMS offers technological solutions for irrigation in agriculture to reduce water consumption. Moistube is a porous underground tube, which provides water in a slow and continuous way, thanks to a unique technology


Clenne Mouangou
Democratic Republic of Congo


C.M Agrobusiness is an agribusiness company specialised in the production, processing, and marketing of pork, aimed at producing cold meat made in Congo.

Nozelina Fernandes
Sao Tome & Principe


Tentacão is a company that produces food from São Tomé, such as homemade biscuits, healthy muesli, and cocoa creams, mainly targeting tourists.


Sonia Paiva


GEMS Helps women to create their business in the agricultural sector, providing them with expertise, network and know-how for the transformation of the agricultural products into food products.


Délia Carmen Diabangouaya


Chocotogo is a cooperative of young togolese who add value to cocoa and process it chocolate and other by-products. It is a handmade chocolate, made using traditional methods . The cooperative also empowers women and girls in rural areas by providing them with additional income. We are the first company in Togo to process togolese coca beans and creating by the way value to it. 


Sittina Farate Ibrahima


               Biozen is a company that transforms local aromatic plants into cosmetics and organic essential oils.

Awa Thiam


Lifantou is developing a geographic information system to link farmers with school feeding programs. The goal is to improve the living conditions of public schools, strengthen distribution and food security, and the agricultural sector.


Saron Mechale


      GoTeff is a super-food development company focused on sourcing and selling of Teff, a super-grain from Ethiopia. We source Teff from small-holder farmers in Ethiopia, sell it in different forms to western consumers and re-invest it in the form of solar irrigation technology to increase production capacity.


Jessica Medza Allogo


Les petits pots de l’Ogooué is an agri-food business based in Gabon that puts forward local agricultural terroir and empowers small-holder farmers raising as a solution for post-harvest losses. Flagship products are artisanal gourmet jams, 100% natural with no additive and high fruits content.


Lipuo Nkholi


Limomonane products is a food and beverage company based in Maseru, Lesotho, which supplies fresh, organic and homemade jams from local products to ensure healthy products made in Lesotho.


Elizabeth Kperrun LAURÉATE!


Zenafri aims to simplify the learning of African children with digital tools in their native language, with mobile educational applications, such as video content, etc.


Marjanne Baker


METS Afrika4D is a school of science, engineering, and technology. METS Afrika4D strives to inspire a new generation of Liberian women who will have a strong desire to pursue their studies and careers in STEM. We want to promote a tailor-made STEM culture in West Africa and focus on empowering girls and women.



Atomus is a start-up specialized in new technologies’ trainings. It has developed School Connect, a platform providing parents with a simple and easy solution to gain insight into their children’s education and to enable them to communicate better with schools.

Arielle Kitio Tsamo



Caysti is a start-up dedicated to the creation and implementation of tech innovations in education. In early 2018, the abcCode platform was launched to teach children how to code and do robotics in their native language.


Roukiya Mohamed Abdoulkader


Djib Softec is an interactive learning platform that offers tips on living together, loving relationships, the family’s code of conduct, the benefits of marriage, and good marriage management. This network was created to encourage, inspire and introduce more women to become actors in Djibouti’s technological ecosystem.


Mauricette Kobozo Yadibert
Central African Republic


Handicap Vaincu is a profit Social Enterprise in Central African Republic that aims to enhance the quality of life for physically challenged persons who are otherwise stigmatized, or never given the chance to integrate with mainstream society. It offers basic education to people with disabilities. It is specialized in clothes design, sewing, diverse basketry, but also in household furniture, decors and accessories.


Anoziva Ishe Marindire


        The Usawa Institute under the PC4W project provides management and digital training grassroots female community leaders from low income communities through the PC4W Community Leadership Training Program. USAWA institute also provides free coding, digital media and advocacy skills training to girls aged 14 -24 from underserved communities around Zimbabwe.


Jacqueline Mutumba LAURÉATE!


Digihealth is a mobile data collection application for low-income health facilities and community health institutes. It is based on a health data aggregation platform for all health facilities and organizations related to health. The offer is free for low-income health facilities and at a very cheap cost for big hospitals.


Samiya Khedim


RDV Toubib is an online service which helps doctors to offer a better patient care through the management of their waiting room, the improvement of their communication tools, and the possibility of booking online appointments.


Falmata Hassane Awada


Sahitna is a web and mobile platform designed to organize and facilitate
medical interactions for women and children. We also provide data to the government to improve public health measures.


South Africa


Farmaram launched the first Princess D menstrual cup, a silicone cup, reusable up to 10 years old and offering 12 hours of leak-free protection.

Nadia Jean Elegbédé



Anaji Mobile Dev is a mobile application that provides comprehensive support to pregnant women throughout their pregnancy. They can receive advice on the life and progress of their baby.


Hyasintha B.Ntuyeko 


Kasole Secrets Co.ltd is a Tanzanian company which develops and distribute bamboo made disposable sanitary napkins. Kasole Secrets is also consulting on Puberty and Menstrual Hygiene Management to local and international NGOs. Visit our work on www.hedhisalama.com


Lalita Purbhoo Jungee 


Sakili sells up-cycled, quality products and all kinds of bags. We recently launched the Sakili bins and work on reusable sakili sanitary pads. Businesses are more sustainable, but they also create new jobs generated by the reusable cycle.


Beth Wanjiku Koigi LAURÉATE!


Majik Water is a solution for the harvest of clean drinking water contained in the atmosphere, powered by solar energy. The technology uses sponge-like desiccant materials attracting moisture from the humidity, releasing it into vapor.


Priscilla Chimwele

Wala Wala’s business focus is innovative renewable energy technologies for grid and off-grid challenges. Wala’s core business model is ‘Solar Powered Farms’. We catalyze the adoption of renewable energy (esp. solar) technologies by farmers for irrigation, value addition, processing, lighting and other home energy needs so that they can grow from traditional subsistence agriculture to organized commercial agribusiness.


Yvette Ishimwe

IRIBA Water Group  is a social enterprise that works on water treatment and water supply in isolated communities with water scarcity.

Amira Cheniour  


Seabex is a web and mobile plateform based on an integrated system with stations that use environmental sensors (humidity temperature …) that promotes optimized irrigation while automated it and taking into account specific agricultural needs.


Fatoumata Aguibou Barry  


Z J Alliance is a transport company in Conakry. It offer quality and comfort: air conditioning, reliable and affordable drivers, price with GPS and WIFI on board.


Aissa Bagba Traore
Burkina Faso


BioBag-BF makes paper bags instead of plastic bags to preserve the quality and beauty of the environment. This is particularly in line with government measures banning plastic bags in Burkina Faso.


Favourite Driciru LAURÉATE!


Favourline offers microloans to young people and unemployed women in Arua and Uganda: micro-loans, agricultural loans, mobile money services. It also offers training in financial literacy.


Bookie Kethusegile


B-WOM Holdings Inc is in the hospitality/tourism sector providing self-catering accommodation through homes and apartments listed on booking platforms as Bookie’s Homes Away From Home; it is also involved in farming/agricultural sector through B-WOM Farms, and in social-economic empowerment entrepreneurship through the Women Entrepreneurs NGO.


Christine Sesay
Sierra Leone


Africa’s Moneypreneur is a financial education platform that aims to discuss money and finances in an easy and fun way.


Vwanganji Bowa


Mighty Finance offers financial services and solutions to low-income and/or marginalized women using a model that provides short-term credit and investment without asking for a deposit.


Chika Madubuko LAURÉATE!


Greymate Care, is a type of ‘Uber’ for home care: an online platform connecting precarious people to caregivers. This includes keeping company with these people, home care and personal care services.


Claudinecia Leomildina Gomes Cabral
Guinéé Bissau


InnovaLab (entreprise sociale) is the innovator pioneer in Guinea-Bissau, with the aim of transforming a maximum of innovative ideas into real concrete companies.


Marlene Iradukunda



Global Artisans is an NGO that provides hand-crafted training to vulnerable people in Burundi. We aim to place them in production cooperatives after their training and connect them to national and international markets. They also work with young entrepreneurs.

Sara Fakir


Ideialab is an entrepreneurial ecosystem which goal is to inspire entrepreneurs, support the development of startups, accelerate micro, small and medium enterprises’growth, and promote entrepreneurship and innovation.

Almaz Negash


African Diaspora Network is a social platform to inform and engage Africans from the diaspora, helping them access funding and foster dialogue and action. We aim for direct collaboration between social entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.


Adam Soreya Sylla


Soreya Garden is a Malian company, specializing in manifacturing shea butter into 100% natural cosmetics products. Soreya Garden is actively using local input for an inclusive development of shea productive cooperatives.


Elaine Dias Leitão da Graça
Cap Vert


Scientia purpose is to provide marketing services and expertise to startups and other companies, specially those that are women and youth-owned. Our social goal is to provide women with the necessary tools and expertise to reach their own personal and financial independence.


Maria Immanuel


O Nature Cosmetics is a cosmetics company that aims and responds to a specific African demands while promoting products made in Africa with African raw materials.


Muna Magan


Riyan Organics a young independent beauty label, produces100% natural products inspired by ancient beauty recipes, packaged, marketed and delivered using modern science, product distribution and marketing techniques. Based in Hargeisa, Somaliland. The Riyan Organics brand, believes that business can be a “source for good” so we engage in positive enterprise.

Brigitte Nsie Nami


Origines is a workshop for the creation of accessories, linens, and interior decoration for the whole family, in an innovative, creative and elegant style.
Valuing the local manufacture, our articles are handmade here in Libreville




Developers in vogue  is an entrepreneurial ecosystem that aims to inspire women entrepreneurs, support the development of startups, accelerate micro, small and medium enterprises’ growth, and promote entrepreneurship and innovation.


Sandra Mopete
Democratic Republic of Congo


Séjour au Pays is a new generation digital tourism agency that aims to provide a ready to use tourism offer in sub-Saharan Africa, from the visa to the airline ticket, with a service of quality. It is composed of a management team of 5 women who call themselves “News Creators of Memories”.