L’Oréal Group

As the world’s leading beauty company, L’Oréal is present across all distribution networks, with its unique international portfolio of 34 diverse and complementary brands.

For more than a century, L’Oréal devotes his energy and his competencies solely to one business: beauty. The Group has chosen to offer his expertise in the service of women and men worldwide, meeting the infinite diversity of their beauty desires.

L’Oréal has committed to fulfilling this mission ethically and responsibly. For L’Oréal, beauty is a language, a science, a commitment. L’Oréal, offers beauty for all.

Sharing Beauty With All, L’Oréal Sustainability Commitment
Launched in 2013, Sharing Beauty With All, L’Oréal’s sustainability commitment is in line with a long-standing tradition of responsibility and aims to transform the Group in order to have a positive impact on society and environment, in Africa of course but also across the world, in all the countries L’Oréal operates.

Completely integrated in L’Oréal’s value chain, Sharing Beauty With All sets out the Group’s sustainability commitments for 2020. Addressing all L’Oréal’s impacts and functions across its entire value chain, this program is based on four pillars:

  • Innovating sustainably, to reduce the environmental footprint of L’Oréal’s products;
  • Producing sustainably, to reduce the environmental footprint of L’Oréal’s plants and distribution centers all over the world;
  • Living sustainably, to empower consumers to make sustainable consumption choices;
  • Developing sustainably, to share L’Oréal’s growth with its external and internal stakeholders (communities involved in the production of the ingredients used in the products, suppliers, employees).

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