SUEZ, moving together to the resource revolution

In a world facing demographic growth, urbanisation and the scarcity of natural resources, securing, optimising and renewing resources is essential for our future.

Operating on the five continents, SUEZ 83,921 employees delivers water and wastewater treatment services, recovers waste, produces secondary raw materials and local renewable energy. Beyond its activities that have allowed, for example in Casablanca to include women in economic activities by giving access to water services in informal settlements, SUEZ is committed to promote equitable development in line with social actors, with the Fonds SUEZ initiative.

It has enabled more than 3 million people to improve their living conditions through access to water, sanitation and waste management services; 64 000 children to be discharged from the water chores and the creation of almost 9 000 jobs, more than 50% for women, the enrollment in school of 63 500 children, 50% being girls.