Men With WIA: DS Avocats Sponsors New Ambitious Program

DS Avocats is particularly proud to partner with Women In Africa (WIA) Initiative and to promote the recognition of woman figures in Africa and internationally.

Africa holds the record of business women in the world – women of power and influence, with longstanding practical experience, with various backgrounds and profiles who represent the future of the continent and of the world.

DS Avocats is convinced that Women in Africa (WIA) Initiative represents an impressive chance for all, men and women, to shares their passion for the women’s empowerment.

This Initiative ensures opportunities to African women to achieve their full potential and to get the recognition of their value and talent through a platform across the globe from which to connect and interact and bring together women from all geographies as a response to the globalization.

“Bringing together” means also combat for a full cooperation between men and women.

Sponsored by DS Avocats, the program of WIA, Men with WIA, is about the strong involvement of men alongside women. This program is far from being the layer of a typical male economic model applied to women’s entrepreneurial projects, but shall rather be, above all, men eager to share with women their expertise and support to build their own modus operandi for the implementation and the development of their innovative projects.