2nd WIA Annual Summit: Key points of the program

Launched in 2016, Women In Africa (WIA) Initiative, first international platform dedicated to the economic development and support of leading and high potential African women, is organizing its second World Summit in Marrakech (Morocco) on September 27 and 28, 2018 at the Beldi Country Club.

Some 400 extraordinary African women and men from Africa, hard at work for the transformation of the continent, from 70 countries, as well as fifty or so talented African and international speakers will participate in this pan-African and international event.

Aude de Thuin, Founder of WIA Initiative: « In just two editions, the WIA Initiative has taken its place, unique in its kind, in an increasingly global agenda in Africa. For two days, we will give the floor to experts, investors, women leaders who boost their country, and in doing so, the continent. We will also honor women entrepreneurs who invent Africa today and tomorrow. We will ask the question of the right educational model for women and its means of financing. We will be testifying some of these Schools of Excellence on the continent of their success, partly because they have privileged girls in recruitments. »

Hafsat Abiola, President of WIA Initiative since June 5, 2018: « their countries, their regions and pan-African level. This is why our platform and our World Summit place them at the heart of the attention and the action to guarantee their impact in the service of an Africa rooted in its era, innovative and inclusive. We catalyze ideas, energies and means of action. We reveal and support talents. »

Marine Liboz Thomas, President of the WIA Philanthropy Foundation: « On the occasion of this second World Summit, with the Foundation, we are taking up the challenge of bringing together for the first time on the continent 54 innovative women entrepreneurs from the 54 African countries. Our mission is to constitute the first digital network of women entrepreneurs in Africa, to animate it, and to support them in the development and growth of their start-ups. »

Aude de Thuin

Hafsat Abiola

Marine Liboz Thomas


The 2018 cross-cutting theme of these two special days is “Watch Africa with confidence and trust in its talents”.

  • 2 thematic plenary conferences:
    • Trust, prerequisite for an inclusive development? (Thursday, September 27, 2018)
    • Win the battle for education (Friday, September 28, 2018),
  • Restitution of the giant brainstorming organized at the first West Africa Regional Summit WIA Initiative on April 12, 2018 and powered through our platform by our Community,
  • 8 masterclasses, spread over the two days
  • 8 sessions “They Make Africa! to showcase extraordinary African women as change makers
  • 12 “Meet With” sessions, meetings between representatives of country and sector delegations to exchange and develop relationships and investment opportunities.
  • 4 thematic breakfasts organized by the WIA Entrepreneurs Club on the theme: What are my prospects for Africa tomorrow?


Ngozi Onkojo Iweala (lazard, Gavi, Twitter), Stéphane Richard (Chairman and CEO Orange), Charles Edouard Bouee (CEO, Roland Berger), Samia Chérif (Managing Director, Huffington Post Maghreb), Mercedes Erra (Executive Chairman of Havas worldwide ( formerly Euro SCG worldwide), co-founder of BEtC and general manager of Havas), Pan African Agri Business Consortium member, Lucy Muchoki, ambassador Moushira Khattab, Nathalie Munyampenda (Next Einstein Forum), Edith Brou (Africa Contents group), Francis Sempore (2iE), ChInekwu N. Duru (Senior Vice President & Principal Counsel with the Africa Finance Corporation), Ismail Douiri (general manager of Attijari Waffa Bank), Irene Kiwia (Frontline Management), Michele Lamarche (lazard Brothers), Cédric Villani (mathematician and MP), Pr. Yusuf Karodia (Honoris United Universities), Dr. Judy Dlamini (Sifiso) learning Group), Leila Bouamatou (Bank of Mauritania General), Sandra Aguebor (lady Mechanics Initiative), Patricia N’Zolantima (CEO, Bizzoly Holdings), Eric M’Boua (Master of Ceremonies, TV presenter), Nadia Mensah-Acogny (co founder Acosphere), Olfa Terras Rambourg (The Rambourg Foundation), Francine Ntoumi (Researcher and Parasitologist, President of the Congolese Foundation for Medical Research), Patricia Nzolantima (Entrepreneur author and philanthropist, and Country Manager of Comuni’Cart), Comfort Sakoma (Founder of Poize Insider, Business Network for African Women), Candace Nkoth Bisseck (Co-Founder of Black Roses Network, International Socioprofessional Network) , Marie Chantal Uwitonze (CEO of MACH Consulting Founder and President of African Diaspora Networkin in Europe), Nneka Wood (Advisor in the Energy, Infrastructure, Project and Asset Finance group of white & Case), Karim Koundi (Partner in the audit firm and consulting Deloitte in charge of the sector TMT and Digital in Francophone Africa), Souad Ouazzani (Director of the Public Sector Council in Africa fran cophone for Deloitte), Yasmine Benamour (Executive Director of the HEM Group since 2008 and Professor of Marketing. President and CEO of Dauphine Casablanca, Campus of Paris-Dauphine University in Morocco), Nicola Bidwell (Professor at the International University of Management, and researcher affiliated with the Royal

  • 2 evenings
    • Thursday, September 27, 2018: WIA Revelations Night, dedicated to the presentation of the new promotion of the WIA Entrepreneurship Program 54, which honors an innovative female entrepreneur in each country in Africa. This evening will also present the main lessons of the study conducted with Roland Berger “Women Entrepreneurship in Africa: a path to empowerment”.
    • Friday, September 28, 2018: Award of the African Man of the Year award and dinner dedicated to Cultural Industries in the presence of Pan-African artists


WIA Initiative is pleased to be supported since its creation by major international partners: Orange, Roland Berger, Engie, DS Avocat, OCP, Accor, Groupe Renault… And for his Foundation by la Société Générale, Roland Berger, Honoris United Universities…