ACTE International & WIA

What are the reasons for your engagement with Women In Africa?

Sharing values (commitment, ethics), objectives (contributing to the emergence of an entrepreneurial Africa and creating sustainable local economic wealth), and how to achieve them (targeting women entrepreneurs).

How does ACTE International contribute to the evolution of the African continent and particularly in favour of women?

ACTE International has been working on the fight against corruption in business for more than 5 years on the African continent. It assists private and public companies in the deployment of locally adapted prevention measures that meet international and normative requirements (ISO37001). ACTE International has been led for 25 years by two women entrepreneurs who travel the world for fair international trade. The ACTE International Group now needs reliable partners in all African countries to carry out its many missions, and wishes above all to build a network of women partners. Because they are lucid, pragmatic, and pugnace, they adopt a long-term vision, they need to find sense, they give priority to the collective before individual profit as well as frugality in spending.


What do you take away from the WIA Annual Summit?

African women entrepreneurs intend to take leadership in the fight against corruption in business. Their actions to have an effect on economic development and ultimately on the daily lives of citizens will have to be imperatively supported and carried by their governments.

A message to be passed on to these women who are transforming the continent and are the future of Africa?

Nearly 35 years that I have been learning, transforming what I learn into action, and passing on the know-how. Reducing corruption on the African continent ? Yes, we can !