African Man of The Year 2019 : Younès El Mechrafi

At Women in Africa Initiative, we believe that women and men need to work hand in hand. The empowerment of African women is not possible without the commitment of men.

The African Man Of the Year Award is an original initiative that intend to highlight men’s outstanding commitment to promoting women and mainstreaming gender in African socio-economic scene.

Women in Africa decided to elect each year the African man of the year during the  Annual Summit in Marrakesh, that will ocurr in 2020 in June, 25 & 26th.

Focus on the African Man Of The Year 2019

Director General of the MDJS (Moroccan Games and Sports), Younès El Mechrafi won the AMOYA (African Man Of the Year Award) at the annual WIA summit held in Marrakech on June 27 and 28.

The AMOYA prize was awarded to him for his commitment to women’s sports practice through the MDJS because they support the integration of women into sport.

Younes El Mechrafi is also a member of the Executive Committee of GLMS (Global Lottery Monitoring System) and Secretary General of the African Lotteries Association (ALA).

He always shares with interest this quote from Taha Hussein: “Only emancipated women will give generations of free men”

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