African Man of The Year 2017: Patrick Awuah

At Women in Africa Initiative, we believe that women and men need to work hand in hand. The empowerment of African women is not possible without the commitment of men.

The African Man Of the Year Award is an original initiative that intend to highlight men’s outstanding commitment to promoting women and mainstreaming gender in African socio-economic scene.

Women in Africa decided to elect each year the African man of the year during the  Annual Summit in Marrakesh, that will ocurr in 2019 on June, 27 & 28th.

FOCUS on the African Man Of The Year 2017

Patrick Awuah is the Founder of Ashesi University.
To achieve gender parity, he decided to design a curriculum intentionally aimed at including the perspective of women; implement summer high school programs that inspire girls to pursue careers in science and engineering; fund more scholarships for women; and provide the mentorship and counseling necessary to help women succeed in college and in their careers.
A gender-balanced campus with 48% female students. An inclusive engineering program, where women represent 33% of the current -53 student sophomore class and 40% of the freshman engineering class, out of 74 students total.

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