Ashinaga & WIA

What are the reasons for your engagement with Women In Africa?

Ashinaga shares the same goals as WIA in its ambition to connect, equip, empower and support African talent in their initiatives. The only small distinction is that Ashinaga’s audience is young men and women, whereas WIA focuses solely on the latter.

How does Ashinaga contribute to the evolution of the African continent and particularly in favour of women?

Ashinaga contributes to the development of Africa by supporting the creation of a new generation of African leaders who will be the thinking and driving force behind this development. Among them, we believe that at least half should be women and that is why we take into account gender and parity issues in the creation of all aspects of our programs.


What do you take away from the WIA Annual Summit?

The summit covered a lot of very interesting points, but the one we retain is the theme of entrepreneurship, which we consider to be a great tool for women’s empowerment. Africa has the highest rate of women entrepreneurs in the world and we think that WIA is doing a great job with the WIA54 programme.

A message to be passed on to these women who are transforming the continent and are the future of Africa?

You are an inspiration to women around the world. Thank you and keep the hope alive.