Deloitte & WIA

What are the reasons for your engagement with Women In Africa?

Deloitte is committed to promoting women’s leadership in Africa.

How does Deloitte contribute to the evolution of the African continent and particularly in favour of women? ?

The WIA Mentoring by Deloitte program is representative of the actions that Deloitte undertakes throughout the year to contribute to the economic and societal development of the African continent, particularly in favor of women. Through our presence and our inclusive model, the nature of our missions with public and private actors, Deloitte is a player in Africa and as such a trusted partner putting the know-how of its teams at the service of numerous actions in the field in favour of women, education, entrepreneurship and innovation.


What has stayed with you from WIA Summit experience? 

Deloitte retains “great energy and impact in the service of Africa”.

 If you could send a message to send to the women transforming the continent and who are the future of Africa what would it be? ? 

These women are the heart of African soft power. They can count on the support of Deloitte. We wish them all the best for the future !