DS Avocats  & WIA

What are the reasons for your engagement with Women In Africa?

The reasons for our involvement in the WIA initiative can be summed up by the word “conviction”.

The conviction of the necessity and usefulness of being together with African women in their efforts, economic, social and cultural, which give new life to the development of the Continent.

The conviction that the African woman must occupy her rightful place in a society that still prefers to ignore her, certainly for fear of the challenge.

The conviction that men and women can only work together because this dichotomy remains the essence of existence and ensures its balance.

The conviction that these objectives can only be achieved through the effort of multiple actions, of which WIA is one.

For as the writer Alain Mabanckou says in one of his “Lessons on Africa” delivered at the Collège de France “The World is an addition, a multiplication, and not a subtraction or a division”.

How does DS Avocats contribute to the evolution of the African continent and particularly in favour of women? ?

What is our contribution, it is others who will tell us through our deeds and actions.

Our aspiration is twofold: to promote the law and to create legal certainty. These are the ingredients that contribute to ensuring a sustainable place for African women in society and in the economy.

What has stayed with you from WIA Summit experience? 

We have been partners with WIA since its creation in 2016 and have participated in all the Annual Summits.

The main point we retain is the richness of the debates in an atmosphere of zest for life.

 If you could send a message to send to the women transforming the continent and who are the future of Africa what would it be? ? 

A simple message “Let’s not be afraid of the challenge but let’s work together”.