Elizabeth Kperrun – Zen Afric, Education for All

A winner of the Program 54 of the Women In Africa (WIA) Initiative, she was the recipient of the Education Award at the Second WIA World Summit in Marrakech September 2018.

“The irony is that few people can afford to send their children to school. But we all have smartphones.”

Out of this paradox, Elizabeth Kperrun, a 32-year-old Nigerian woman, has designed a solution, or rather technological solutions, to provide the most disadvantaged children with access to knowledge, so they may learn English, but also local languages. It is the very purpose of Zen Afric.

“Quality education is very expensive in Nigeria. As a result, not all children have access to it. Education is a major challenge. We are trying to develop mobile applications for smartphones. Parents can download them to learn the basic words in their local language as well as in English.”

Since the web knows no borders, the application is available worldwide.

“We have data showing that our app was downloaded in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia… We are worldwide! It can be downloaded anywhere in the world from the AppStore. Anyone, anywhere, can use it!”


Elizabeth’s intended purpose was to not limit her activity to the confines of her country but rather to find solutions to a problem affecting the entire continent. Hence why she attended the second Women In Africa World Summit, held in Marrakech last September. A laureate from program 54, she was given the opportunity to further her learning, too. “I joined the boot camp and truly learned a great deal. These are teachings that I will be applying when I get back to work.” While learning during the coaching and training sessions, she also had the opportunity to meet, exchange and network with other women from around the continent. “It’s comforting to know that I am not alone in facing the challenges of being a businesswoman in Nigeria. The whole continent is impacted. Some of these challenges transcend the continent, in fact even businesswomen in Europe are affected by some of the problems I face in Africa.” If friendships were forged during those exchanges, so were partnerships. “Meant to last” says Elizabeth, adding, “it was a fantastic experience!” Even more so as she was the recipient of the Education Award. “It is a strong incentive to keep going…”