Honoris United Universities & WIA

What are the reasons for your engagement with Women In Africa?

Honoris United Universities shares the same conviction that entrepreneurship and women’s leadership are major axes to transform the African continent and have an impact on the development of economies and communities. Our participation in this pan-African initiative was a natural fit with our mission: Education For Impact.

We are proud to have been supporting WIA Philanthropy for the past 3 years to accompany the 54 women entrepreneurs selected across the continent for the program and to organize each year the boot camp dedicated to entrepreneurship alongside the other partners. Beyond this annual meeting, Honoris offers each entrepreneur the opportunity to benefit from free training adapted to her specific needs to accelerate her project. Since the launch of this initiative, our training courses, mostly distance or online MBAs, are close to our training courses.

How does Honoris United Universities contribute to the evolution of the African continent and particularly in favour of women? ?

There is an old saying that “to educate a man is to educate an individual, to educate a woman is to educate a nation”. Honoris is the first and largest pan-African platform for private higher education, our institutions are present in 10 countries and 32 cities on the continent. From Casablanca to Cape Town, from Abuja to Tunis, we are helping to train a new generation of African professionals capable of making an impact on their communities. As educators, we are convinced that strengthening women’s access to higher education, to certain disciplines such as STEM, accompanying them to extend the duration of their studies will contribute to the development of women’s leadership on the continent. The development of hybrid solutions such as distance learning or online education allows women, especially mothers, to continue their studies while working. In addition, we are also launching specific training courses, such as recently in Tunisia the “Advanced Certificate Women Board Ready” in partnership with the Esses Business School and the Central University, a member institution of the network. More women in governance bodies is a necessity because it rhymes with professionalism and the added value of diversity.


What has stayed with you from WIA Summit experience? 

The Women in Africa Initiative is a catalyst of ideas that aims to provide concrete responses to the problems of the African continent and to strengthen the role and presence of women in its development. From a very personal point of view as an African woman, this summit is a unique opportunity to share and exchange ideas with women from the four corners of the continent. It allows me to forge strong ties with women I will not have had the opportunity to meet elsewhere. We are all driven by the same motivation and a common project: to advance women’s leadership on the continent.

 If you could send a message to send to the women transforming the continent and who are the future of Africa what would it be? ? 

Only a collective effort can change women’s leadership on the continent and beyond. In this effort, each of us has a responsibility. We don’t declare equality, we make it.