Jacqueline Mutumba – Online Health

Digi Health is a mobile application used by community-based health workers in Uganda to collect patient data. Critical data that make it possible to anticipate health programs in the country. An innovation we owe to Jacqueline Mutumba, winner of the Health Award at the second Women In Africa (WIA) Initiative forum, held in September 2018 in Marrakech.

“At Digi Health, we strive to improve health data management in Uganda,”

Explains Jacqueline Mutumba, co-founder and president of this new start-up. Managing data in community-led healthcare programs is a major challenge in her country, as in many other parts of the continent. Digi Health is a mobile application used by community healthcare workers to collect patient information, access their home or hospital medical records, produce reports that can be used to leverage resources or even plan a healthcare system.

A structure Jacqueline would like to see deployed in other African countries, for greater impact. That is why she applied to the Women In Africa Initiative (WIA) Program 54 in 2018. She was selected to attend the second WIA World Summit, which provided an opportunity to showcase the initiative and its laureates. “First and foremost, what I expected from this program was to meet women entrepreneurs from all over Africa, to learn about their success stories and the different challenges they contend with along the way… Since we at Digi Health want to expand to the rest of the continent, it was the perfect event to meet partners with similar ambitions and work together. A great networking opportunity for me.”

After WIA 54

The outcome has seemingly exceeded all expectations: Jacqueline was indeed able to “network” with her Tanzanian counterpart, Hyasintha Ntuyeko, whose company Kasole Secrets also works in the health sector. “We have upcoming follow-up meetings to discuss exporting Digi Health in Tanzania.” A success story which is just at its beginning, as Jacqueline and Digi Health won the Health Award.