Vwanganji Bowa – Financial solutions for SMEs

Vwanganji Amatende Bowa is a Zambian social entrepreneur with a passion for business. After ten years working in finance, she founded Mighty Finance Solution, a social enterprise that seeks to transform communities by providing accessible and affordable financial solutions.

With ten years of experience in the banking and financial sectors, “the world of finance” holds no secrets for Wanganji Amatende Bowa. Graduate in development from the University of Zambia, this 35-year-old woman launched Mighty Finance Solution in 2016 to put her expertise at the service of small and medium-sized businesses, which are often sidelined in traditional financial channels.


As a winner of the 2018 edition of Program 54, Vwanganji Amatende Bowa was offered free access to an MBA in strategic planning, sponsored by Honoris, a patron partner of the WIA Philanthropy Foundation.


“Our target audience is women and SMEs that are below the banking pyramid. “

 The company’s core focus is to provide comprehensive micro-finance services throughout Zambia,” says Wanganji. In the future, we intend to provide complementary services such as technical assistance, capacity-building, management development and tailor-made products for the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) we are partnered with.”

Meanwhile, MFS is registered with the Patent and Registration Agency as a national lender, although it is not yet a financial institution licensed by the Bank of Zambia (BOZ). It operates with Zambian citizens as stockholders and local investment entities which provide not only capital but also technical means.


“Our target market is women and SMEs that are below the banking pyramid. We want to help them become medium-sized companies with a structured support for order financing, invoice discounting, operational financing and bridge financing. With our planned expansion, we believe that the company’s development will be made possible by linking various products and providing customers with the necessary technical expertise and the support of our qualified and experienced staff.”

As a customer-focused company, MFS strives to develop and offer products designed specifically to meet the financing needs of its clients, with an emphasis on women, in accordance with the following philosophical guiding principle: Changing lives, one idea at a time.

“The current size of our market represents 70% of the Zambian population, all women currently living below the poverty line.”

The focus is on women because they are the largest and most vulnerable category of the population. MFS is directed at poor women from rural and urban areas who engage in economic activity. MFS seeks to support women who find themselves locked in a stubbornly confined micro-scale. They will be empowered to develop beyond small and micro enterprises, with access to the financing solutions they evolve into mid-to-large scale businesses. Already, some of the women supported by MFS have grown their company, going as far as exporting to Congo and other countries.

“MFS services will lead to the self-empowerment of women by positively influencing their decision-making process and improving their overall socio-economic status.”


Wanganji Amatende Bowa, winner of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, attended the second Women in Africa Global Forum (Initiative) in Marrakech in September 2018. Selected to be part of Program 54, she says she was “very excited to meet women from across the continent. To be able to collaborate, to connect, to bring Africa together.”

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