WIA Media

A 100% digital platform

To ensure our impact among leading and high potential African, we have designed a 100% digital media device for members of our community. More generally, it has been designed for all the women and men who are working hard to transform Africa and make things change in favor of parity.

These digital platforms have been conceived in coherence for both a global and personalized communication, and in resonance on the scale of Africa and the world.

Why a pure player?

Even if the Internet penetration rate remains uneven, Africa appears as a hyper connected continent with the rest of the world. Giving access to qualified information means designing and broadcasting it on digital media, intended for all types of media, especially for the smartphones.

Our media platform

WIA Magazine

Our new website includes a pure player magazine. The 10 sections cover the theme of Women – Africa – Business in all its dimensions.

Our editorial line:

Showcase some of the great and sometimes iconoclastic experiences of women members of the WIA Club, the wonderful fieldwork of our Ambassadors, the involvement of the WIA Council and the winners of WIA Philanthropy.

Give voice to inspiring and inspired “role models”, women and men, recognized as key experts in their disciplines and contributing to the empowerment of women.

Propose a rigorous selection of data on key themes and carrier of Africa that will be useful for the development of your business.

Social networks

On Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, we federate an active community of more than 30,000 members. It promotes all of our initiatives in Africa and internationally.

A Newsletter

With more than 22,000 subscribers, our newsletter weaves links and informs WIA Club members, partners and supporters.