WIA Philanthropy

Africa is a beacon for the world in terms of women entrepreneurship

The WIA Philanthropy Foundation aims at supporting African Women in the economy through specific sectorial programs and education/training.

As of today, WIA Philanthropy runs three programs:

WIA 54: identifies and selects each year 54 women start-uppers from the continent. Each selected start-upper joins a bootcamp, attends the Annual Summit and communication tools/training from WIA Philanthropy patrons.

WIA Hubs: WIA aims to set up a network of 54 Hubs in the continent where African women are given the opportunity to join a co-working space, to get trained or to attend networking events. The first Hub has beem launched in partnership with Working Ladies in Kinshasa and the second Hubs is soon to be launched in Zimbabwe and will be focusing on agriculture.

WIA Code: is a program through which cohorts of talented young girls are trained to code and given internships to pursue their potential careers in STEM.

WIA Philanthropy patrons can choose to support the Foundation globally or to donate to a specific project.