At the head of Smart Services, Sandra Yaté advises business leaders, political figures and institutional players in their communication strategy. Passionate about sales, she assists companies in their regional and international growth. She offers readers of Women In Africa Initiative her solutions to sell.



Born in Abidjan, Sandra Yaté grew up in a family environment where a job well done and diplomas are values. Daughter of teacher with the leitmotiv the rigor, she is attached to work and sacrifice. His career path seems unique. After starting higher education, she dropped out for lack of motivation. She then started learning from the field. « I found myself in a first managing position without diploma in a firm in charge of communication of Ivorian institutions. For five years, I was in charge of the portfolio of the Ministry of the Interior. After a year, I was one of the best sellers in the firm. This gave me the trigger to resume my studies in parallel. I left that company with two degrees and a solid experience. This allowed me to reach a higher stage in my career. I was recruited by the top communication agency in Côte d’Ivoire, Voodoo Group (present in the sub-region) thus adding other strings to my bow. »




A network woman


Proud of her experiences and competences, She founded in 2014 her own firm, Smart services, specialized in commercial intermediation, public relations, and event management. « The call for entrepreneurship convinced me. Real needs in the market needed to be met. My clients are international media, companies or individuals in quest for an assistance in brand management. »

Sandra also is member of Aclap-CI (The society of Lobbying firms and Public Relations of Côte d’Ivoire) in which she is vice-president, and is also member of the FEES (Committed and United Women Entrepreneurs) network. « I belong to 80s generation and today with multiple choices and the digital, competition is becoming more and more fiers. One must stand out, provide and an adapted service and not at all forget trainings to improve one’s abilities ».



Her coaching : Soncas method to boost sales

More than effective, this commercial method is definitely paying off. It helps to address the main objections of prospects, potential customers, and activate psychological levers to promote sales. Once the different types of prospects are categorized, you only have to adapt your pitch!



A primary need peculiar to every human being. It is therefore natural for a prospect to be attached to the security of the product or service that he could buy. But often, the customer does not like to take risks, he will hesitate, think. He must be reassured by highlighting the reliability of the service or product. Use words like « experience », « references », and provide evidence.



A feeling that is close to pride, self-esteem, the need to feel above the rest is privileged. This client will need arguments that nourish his self esteem. You must talk about the particularity of your services / products, luxury, standing. And if you have famous client, do not hesitate to quote them – provided they are not competitors … Or to makes use this competition.



Novelty remains a major commercial vehicle and plays an important role in communication strategies. It concerns curiosity and the need for change. For this type of prospect, the interest will go to the latest innovations and proposals in the trend. The customer needs to feel pioneer and original. We must argue using words such as «innovation», «novelty», «change», «creation», «evolution», etc.



It may be psychological comfort (such as easy use) or physical comfort (softness of the material). Comfort is close to security. This type of prospect wants simplicity, it will be little inclined to new technologies and prefer the ease of use. Use words such as «simple», «easy», «availability», or «responsiveness».



This factor is reflected in all sales. Money can play the role of brake or motivation. The important thing is to make the prospect understand that his purchase is not an expense, but an investment. To do so, he must clearly perceive the benefit of the product or service in order to project himself into a profitable purchase act. All customers remain financially sensitive in a sales process. In all cases, the customer will look for a good deal, that is to say, enjoy a good quality / price ratio. It is up to you to judge based on the client’s profile and financial capabilities. Generally, the following terms are suitable to use: «economy», «quality / price», «placement», «profitability», «gain», «discount», «opportunities», «investment» …



Although this is a secondary motivation, the seller’s sympathy plays a decisive role in a sale. The attitude of the salesperson can either grease the wheels of the sale or make them creak. Good listening is paramount, a positive and open attitude. Human warmth, dynamism, politeness, a smile without putting too much establishes trust between a seller and a buyer. It is not about making it a buddy-buddy connection but especially about building a climate of trust for a win-win partnership.

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